Opening the Door to Communication with Children About Genetic Mutations

At the 36th Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference, Shannon Pulaski, founder of Proactive Genes, sat down with CURE® to discuss how parents can relate important health information, such as genetic mutations, to children of all ages.

Shannon Pulaski, author, patient advocate and founder of Proactive Genes, learned she was BRCA1-positive shortly after her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This genetic mutation meant that she would face a significantly increased chance of developing breast and/or ovarian cancer in her lifetime, for which she underwent prophylactic surgeries and treatments. Since the BRCA mutation could potentially be passed down to her kids, Pulaski was compelled as a mother to share her family health history with her children.

At the 36th Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference, Pulaski shared her journey and offered advice to help parents open the door to conversations with their children about their own family health history. She also shared how Proactive Genes helps families start age-appropriate conversations about genetic mutations and heightened risk for cancer.