Our journey to Australia

After landing in Los Angeles, we waited at the gate to board our flight to Australia. There was a gentleman in line before us that I knew I had seen before, but couldn't place. I thought that it might have been at Cannes Film Festival. I asked and was a bit embarrassed when he said no, he hadn't been there. He introduced himself as Scott Grimes. Of course! The TV show ER. How many post chemo nights Ronnie and I tuned in to that show and escaped from the world of cancer through the entertainment of our favorite shows.The plane boarded and we made our way to our seats. We had kept Chloe awake on the flight to LA and she was beginning to get sleepy. She got comfy in the seat and was dreaming before the plane took off. The lights dimmed. Scott walked by my seat and asked if I had remembered where I had seen him. I chuckled and jotted a quick note thanking him for his work with ER; which had helped to get me through some tough chemo times. Ronnie was sitting at the far window seat, so we really couldn't talk. I took in all the people around me and the families that were making this flight, too. Fifty one of those on board were going to a surprise birthday party!! That was a bit mind boggling to me. I thought of the meaning behind this trip for my family and the depth of emotion that it carries. I swallowed back tears a few times, trying hard to focus on the magic and fun ahead. Chloe woke up and for a while, we slept snuggled together in my seat. She has chattered non-stop about Australia for months - too young to really understand but just old enough to know that it is a really special trip. I wondered how Katie and Karlie were doing in their seats and if they could possibly be as excited as I was. Breakfast was served, and then soon after the plane came to a smooth landing.We de-boarded and Scott Grimes came over and gave me a hug. Ronnie, not knowing I had written the note, gave me a puzzled look, and smiled. 51 people stepped off the Qantas plane in Australia to surprise someone special. Five people, my family, took the same first steps in sharing a magical dream.