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Tiffany Stump, RN BSN CBCN, of The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center at The James Cancer Hospital, Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center, shares her Extraordinary Healer essay nomination of Sara Wolfe, B.S.N., RN, CBCN.

There are so many amazing nurses I work with on a daily basis, and I could name several that would fall under the category of an extraordinary healer. However, when I really think about what that title means to me and what I would want from a caregiver, the first person I would use as an example would be my fellow nurse and friend, Sara Wolfe, B.S.N., RN, CBCN.

I have worked side by side with Sara now for four years. Sara has an unbelievable work ethic, contagious smile, amazing personality, infectious laugh that her patients adore and is the most resilient person. I have witnessed her experiencing many adversities, inside and outside of work, and she remains a positive influence on the unit. She continues to come to work with the biggest smile on her face and nothing but positivity radiating from her to her patients and co-workers. I remember a time she told me that it wasn’t fair to her patients for her to think her problems were any bigger or more important than theirs. She puts every single patient first when she is with them. She is a phenomenal nurse, friend, wife and mother who would do just about anything for those in her life.

There is not one specific example I can use to justify why Sara is the epitome of an extraordinary healer, because she simply fits this description on the whole. Everything she does shows what a wonderful nurse she is and how proud she is to be able to help the people that surround her. Sara has worked very hard at reaching her professional goals and bettering herself to benefit her patients. This has included several extracurricular activities, such as becoming a charge nurse, obtaining her CBCN and moving up the clinical ladder, and leading a committee to update and improve our surgical education booklets for patients. She is working on creating a new and improved exercise program within our comprehensive breast center and hopes to enroll patients to help reduce their fatigue and improve their strength. Sara has been a big advocate for keeping the primary nurse role alive in the clinic setting and establishing continuity of care with her patients. She has had a large part in implementing the idea that, when one of the nurses completes surgical teaching within the clinic, that nurse should be the one to call the patient pre- and post-operatively, so that the patient will be more comfortable expressing any questions or concerns.

Sara goes out of her way to be sure her patients feel comfortable with their care and have the information they need to make informed decisions about surgery. Her patients all adore her. They all love hearing about her little girl, Ella, and family. There is not a day in clinic that goes by that a patient does not ask, “How is Sara?” “Is Sara here?” “You look just like Sara, is she here today?” or “Can you tell Sara I said ‘hi?’” She is the kind of nurse who will sit and talk with her patients and be sure she connects with them and that they get what they need out of their appointments, no matter how busy she is.

Nothing puts Sara down, and to me, that is what makes a truly extraordinary healer. Her patients come first, and she has never shown one single selfish trait to her patients or talked about a personal problem, even if they ask. She leaves her personal issues and biases at the door in the morning and goes about her day to provide the most excellent care to her patients. She treats every person who crosses her path the way she would want to be treated. Every day is a good day when working with Sara. I have never known such an amazing human who can bounce back with a smile no matter what happens. Sara Wolfe is truly an extraordinary healer, and I couldn’t think of any one more deserving of this title.

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