Roman Reigns’ Cancer Update, Arizona Rep. Announces Cancer Diagnosis and More


From WWE champion Roman Reigns sharing about his leukemia status to Arizona rep. Raúl Grijalva announcing diagnosis, here’s what’s going on in the oncology space this week.

Image of blood cancer cells.

WWE champion Roman Reigns opened up about his leukemia diagnosis on a documentary.

WWE Wrestler shared an update on his cancer diagnosis.

Six-time WWE champion, Roman Reigns, discussed his leukemia diagnosis in the Biography: WWE Legends documentary.

Reigns received a diagnosis of chronic myelogenous leukemia, or CML, in 2007 at the age of 22, and the cancer returned in 2018, causing him to take a step back from WWE TV. He later returned in 2019. Now, a few years later, Reigns said that he is still taking medication for cancer, which he considers “very potent.”

“For leukemia, if you caught it in an early stage like I did, you're able to take a medication, a very important medication, that I am still on to this day,” he said in the documentary, “but it’s pretty much just a conditioning of getting your body used to these toxic medications and just hoping for the best.”

Arizona democratic rep. Raúl Grijalva announces cancer diagnosis

When Raúl Grijalva,76, a Democratic representative of Arizona, experienced a persistent cough, he sought medical attention.

Initially, he was diagnosed with pneumonia, until doctors determined that he has cancer, Grijalva said in a statement.

“After further testing and imaging, my physician discovered that I have cancer,” explained Grijalva, without disclosing the type of cancer. “This diagnosis has been difficult to process, but I am confident in the vigorous course of treatment that my medical team has developed, and I’ve begun my journey to fight this cancer.”

In the statement, he thanked his loved ones and doctors for their support.

“I am grateful to my family, friends and doctors for their support, and I am working hard to get healthy and return to business as usual as soon as I am able,” Grijalva said.

Caddies from the PGA Tour wore artwork from the Texas Children’s Hospital.

The bibs worn by the caddies at the Houston Open featured designs drawn by children from the Texas Children’s Hospital — including Maggie Hill, a 3-year-old who was diagnosed with medulloblastoma.

Ted Scott, Scottie Scheffler’s caddie, wore Hill’s art, which consisted of watercolor handprints. Maggie’s mom, Amanda, said that she and her daughter would do artwork and then hang it up in their hospital room “just for some color decoration.”

“There’s only so much Elsa that I can watch,” Amanda told abc13. “So we would do a lot of art, and then she and I would hang her artwork up. I started bringing a roll of tape, and we’d hang everything up in her room just for some color decoration.”

"There's been so many moments in this that, you know, you never imagine your life like going down this path," Justin Hill, Maggie's father, said to abc13. "It's kind of surreal. And this is, at least one of those, that it's a good moment to have happen."

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