Running from the sun...and celebrating a cancerversary!

Last weekend I happened to be in Jackson, Miss. during the 8th annual Run from the Sun. I wanted to cover it for CURE - especially in light of our upcoming feature on melanoma in the summer issue - but it was also nice to catch up with Marshall Ramsey, who we profiled in a previous article on the fear of recurrence. Marshall, a political cartoonist, and his friend, photographer and coworker, Keith Warren formed the Run from the Sun to honor Leonard Warren, Keith's father who died from melanoma, and raise awareness of melanoma and generate funds for research. It was such beautiful weather, I couldn't help but run the 5K, too. With it being in the afternoon and the route beginning toward the East, we were literally running from the sun. I also participated in the free skin screening (all clear!). Sunday marks Marshall's 10th cancerversary. I was glad to be a part of his celebration this past weekend while also honoring Keith's dad and others whose lives have been affected by melanoma.