Share the Love: Cancer Survivors Offer Thanks to Those Who Helped Them Most


In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked our audience to share some love for someone who helped them through their cancer experience. Here’s what they had to say.

There is no better day to celebrate loved ones than Valentine’s Day. So, in a recent #CUREConnect post, we asked our audience of patients, survivors and caregivers of those with cancer: in honor of Valentine’s Day, share some love for someone who helped you throughout the cancer experience.

Here’s what our readers had to say:

“My husband, Charles... He reminded me that I promised to grow old with him and did everything possible to take care of me, encourage me, keep me laughing, take me to every appointment, sit with me through every treatment. He even dyes his hair teal for ovarian cancer awareness.” — Deirdre H.

“My husband who stood by side throughout. (He) went to every appointment, every surgery, every procedure. Always told me I was beautiful… even when I was extremely sick and bald. He’s my supporter and my best friend.” — Laura L.

“All the people at Dana-Farber and Mass General Brigham and Faulkner... from the sweet people who cleaned my room to the nurses checking on me hourly to the doctors coming through checking on the surgical sites and teaching other doctors to the PAs to the surgeons' office personnel to the physical therapists to the discharge specialist to the talented surgeons both breast and plastics to the Mass General home health care visiting nurses: everyone went the extra mile.” — Perry L.

Survivors discussed how loved ones helped them through their cancer experience.

Survivors discussed how loved ones helped them through their cancer experience.

“Grateful to my husband who's been beside me every step of the long journey. When we said, 'in sickness and health', we had no idea I'd be diagnosed with two cancers, blood clots and other health challenges.” — Ginny M.

“My husband learned in three days how to clean my PICC, put my PEG to gravity and empty stomach contents daily (plus fill them), empty bed pans and for six months he carried me every place I needed to go. Literally. Four years ago, Feb. 15 I was (diagnosed) with lung cancer. Together we slayed stage 4 cancer in under a year, from hospice to two years off treatment next month.” — Gina H.

“(I’m a) stage 3 colon cancer fighter/survivor. (I’d like to share some love for) my immediate family. They made sure I always had everything I needed to stay as comfortable as possible, (and) my boyfriend for listening to all negatives.” — Juanita Z.

“My big sister, my primary caregiver, my cheerleader, my advocate.” — Jayanti C.

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