Shoes for ovarian cancer research


Olive Palermo shoes by Stuart Weitzman

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month already in full swing a little early, it's nice to see that September is still getting "tealed" for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. While cause-related marketing has become increasingly mainstream, this campaign did catch my eye. And no, I'm not a huge shoe fan. I'm more of sneakers and flip-flop kind of girl, but it was fun wondering if I'm more of a Hayden Panettiere or Olivia Palermo.

Olivia Palermo design; photo credit Stuart WeitzmanStuart Weitzman co-developed the series of shoes with four young starlets for "Young Hollywood Cares." You can view the other designs at of stating that proceeds go to "research and awareness," as many fundraisers tend to do, all proceeds from the shoes will go directly to fund ovarian cancer research by Dr. Marsha Moses, director of the Vascular Biology Program at Children's Hospital Boston and professor at Harvard Medical School. Moses specializes in angiogenesis, a process where blood vessels grow to feed a tumor. There are numerous therapies - both approved and in development - that aim to inhibit the signals and pathways involved in angiogenesis. Here's to hoping that Scarlett Johansson's designer shoes help Dr. Moses find a breakthrough. And it just might - all four of the designers shoes are already sold out - and we still have one more week left of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Too bad they didn't have a teal pair.

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