Study confirms higher dose of Faslodex needed


In the area of hormonal therapy yesterday, there was a trial for metastatic breast cancer patients who were receiving Faslodex. This drug has been shown to delay progression and is now a standard of care. Unfortunately, we haven't really nailed down the optimal dose yet.When it was first approved, it was approved at 250 mg due to the early trials of the drug, but it quickly became apparent shortly thereafter that 500 mg seems to give you the levels you might want to inhibit breast cancer growth. Several years ago, a trial was launched comparing the two dosages. That trial, which was presented a couple of years ago, did establish 500 mg as the proper dose. At this year's SABCS, updated results showed that the higher dose improves survival. There is an improvement in the mortality rate even after patients progress and go on to other drugs. Most oncologists are using the higher dose now, but this study provides us a greater justification to use 500 mg. Fittingly, the trial is called CONFIRM.

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