Thank you!

Part of my job as editorial assistant is to be the point of contact for the readers. I read and try to respond to as many emails and letters as I can. I also get the privilege of speaking with many of you on the phone. It's a special and rewarding part of my job.It's nice to be reminded why we all work so hard. Whenever we hear something positive, we like to share it around the CURE office. And whenever someone expresses a concern or a topic they would like for us to cover, we share that and take it into consideration, too.Just yesterday, I got to open a special package that had come to us at CURE. Someone had taken the time to personalize some hand towels for us. They came with a very simple note that just said they were for our use. Let me just say, everyone at CURE was touched.So thanks, M.S., for the towels! And thanks to all our readers and supporters for making our jobs worthwhile.