Thanksgiving for caregiving

On Oct. 29, President Obama declared November 2010 National Family Caregivers Month. (You can read the full proclamation at, I've never thought about having a month to honor and celebrate caregivers before. But these past few years have been different for my family. I've moved back home after being out of state for two years, and being back closer to my family has brought things more into focus.I have watched family members be affected by various illnesses. There have been hospital visits and uber-clean environments. I have seen other family members step up and become primary caregivers while others take smaller supportive roles. These experiences have forced me to examine the many hats a caregiver must wear and to understand my own small part in the process.Honoring caregivers in the same month we celebrate Thanksgiving is perfect. It's a great reminder of the people we have to be thankful for. And I know that as my very large family gathers around the turkey this year, I will be a little extra grateful for my family and the multiple ways they show they care.To learn more about navigating the family caregiver role and find helpful resources, read CURE's 2008 article, The Invisible Caregiver.