The Breasties: Igniting Strength and Positivity Through Community


This week on the “CURE Talks Cancer” podcast, we discuss the power of community with The Breasties co-founders Brianna Majsiak and Allie Brudner Brumel and how their own experiences with breast cancer brought them together.

Younger people who develop breast cancer sometimes find that there are few resources for patients with cancer their age, and that treatment for breast cancer can be an isolating experience. When the founders of the Breasties faced those problems, they started an organization that brings younger people and their loved ones together for support and community when they need it most.

This week on the “CURE Talks Cancer” podcast, we spoke with two of the group’s founders, Brianna Majsiak and Allie Brudner Brumel, about how their journey brought them together, and how the Breasties makes a difference in the lives of patients, survivors, caregivers and anyone else who is touched by cancer or other reproductive-related illnesses.

As Brudner Brumel says: “Anyone who feels aligned with our mission and who feels like a Breastie is a Breastie. We don't want anyone to feel isolated. And so, if the Breasties can be that place for you, you’re a Breastie!”

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