The Hub of Our Oncology Program


Lisa’s excellent fund of knowledge, experience in oncology, outstanding judgment and interest in learning all make her a truly outstanding clinician.

By Dr. Ajai Chari

It is my distinct pleasure to write a letter of nomination on behalf of Lisa Taylor for the 2022 Extraordinary Healer® Award. It has truly been a privilege to work closely with Lisa for more than two years at the Mount Sinai Multiple Myeloma Program, where Lisa is the office practice nurse for my clinic.

Lisa’s excellent fund of knowledge, experience in oncology, outstanding judgment and interest in learning all make her a truly outstanding clinician. Whenever she sees a patient, she brings all of these skills to the bedside and I always know that the patient is in outstanding hands.

Her documentation and clinical assessment (in myeloma, a complex interplay of symptoms, labs, imaging and pathology results) are exemplary. In the midst of a busy schedule, she is able to quickly identify a sick patient who requires additional evaluation and management. All of this is possible only because she is such a seasoned clinician.

For example, recently, one of our elderly patients called complaining of stool leaking. Lisa was the RN who took this call and she felt the history was concerning for obstruction, so she discussed with me about getting X-rays to rule out an obstruction. I agreed with her concern and we found that his bowels were very distended with air fluid levels.

We had to send him to the emergency department. Of note, even this patient’s son, who is a physician, didn’t think obstruction was on the differential diagnosis. I think Lisa truly saved this patient’s life with her history taking and astute judgment. Lisa’s interpersonal skills are equally exemplary. Her empathy, warmth, sense of humor, diligence, efficiency and dedication to patient care have won over the entire program.

Our patients love her. I have lost count of the number of patients who say, “Lisa is amazing. She is always responsive and gets back to me.” Our administrative staff is always relieved when they know Lisa is available to answer their calls or questions regarding patients, and innumerable patients call the program saying they want to speak only to her.

I recently had the privilege of serving on an oncology education effort with a joint physician and nursing panel. As we were discussing the role of the RN in oncology, I realized that Lisa is truly the RN hub at the center of our practice, integrating patient care with caregivers, the infusion center, social work, nutrition, palliative care, mental health, medical consultants and pharmacy. I can say without a doubt that Lisa is among the best RNs I have ever had the privilege of working with.

She is one of the brightest, most industrious and compassionate individuals I have had the pleasure of getting to know. She truly exemplifies an extraordinary healer.

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