The Invitation from Breast Cancer


A two-time breast cancer survivor, I danced above the invitation it first offered me.

Image of a woman crossing her hands over her left breast.

The Invitation

On a stifling, hot summer day

The invitation arrived…

not in a gold embossed envelope,

no RSVP enclosed.

It came with words so numbing,

They tumble down at lightning speed

so fast my brain wouldn’t repeat them,

Couldn’t repeat them…

“You have cancer.”

I learn to dance with you

‘til I fall dazed, dizzy with choices.

I research. I listen. I choose.

In the end, I dance above you.

My wisdom, my strength, my courage

Command you to know.

I am still here.

This post was written and submitted by Sharon Murphy. The article reflects the views of Murphy and not of CURE®. This is also not supposed to be intended as medical advice.

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