The Patient


Put on your game face now

And wait.

Never understood the war analogy


Crystal Clear.

Fortified as much as you can on all fronts....

Ready for action; and

Put on your game face now

And wait.

Moving up the learning curve

I try

What it takes to be a good patient...



Letting go? No. Wait.

I am gritting my teeth....

Harnessing my thoughts...

Stilling my breath… And - wait.

Give me a crumb

Let me know

When can I hear something.

Fill my fright with reality.

Oh please.

Do they know?

The waiting is excruciating…!

Put on your game face now

And wait

Karen Ribler was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2014. In addition to being a survivor, she is a retired association executive in Washington, D.C. She is an active volunteer within the ovarian cancer community, serving on the Rhonda’s Club/ Ovarian and Gynecologic Cancer Coalition Board of Directors and taking part in the education of student doctors and nurses through the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance’s Survivors Teaching Students program.

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