The simple things that bring great comfort and joy


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Cancer or not, we all have things that bring us great comfort and unbridled joy. Sometimes those items or sentiments can be taken for granted. I was recently reminded of how important, and deep, the meaning can be. A first doll is something that most little girls receive. Often, they are replaced each year or on special occasions or even as the newest of fads appear on department store shelves. Some are forgotten, and others are cherished. Chloe has a number of dolls but her favorite has been her first, sent to her by Ron Zimm. Baby Zimm has not missed a night of being tucked in next to Chloe. She has made every trip from New York to California, been on picnics and hikes, camping and snowmobiling. This American Girl doll has seen the mountains and the ocean with Chloe. She even went to Disneyland. However, on our last trip home we couldn't find her anywhere. Even after contacting the house where we stayed and Avis, where we think she was left behind, she was nowhere to be seen. It's not a big surprise that Chloe was sad. Each night she asked me where I thought Baby Zimm was and if she were OK. Then, a few days later a special package arrived. I think the video says it all.

I've watched it over and over. I hope that you do, too. Excitement, anticipation and joy.These are among the greatest of emotions. Emotions that the simplest of things often provide. For Chloe: her beloved doll. For me, I find comfort wrapped in my soft, cozy blanket; comfy shirt; favorite songs, children's voices, and the touch of Ronnie's hand; in the presence of those that I love, watching the sun set low, in the mane of my horses, in the smell of the hay, and with night time prayers. I hope that if you are reading this that you take a moment to think of the simple things in your life. May they be many....and may they bring you great comfort and joy!

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