The Top 5 Cancer-Related Podcast Episodes of 2021

CURE® compiled its top 5 most-listened-to podcast episodes from this year, featuring cancer survivor stories, caregivers and experts.

This year, CURE®’s “Cancer Horizons” podcast shared the incredible stories of cancer survivors and caregivers, heard powerful words of inspiration from advocates and discussed the ins and outs of cancer research with some of the leading cancer experts.

We compiled the most-listened-to episodes from 2021 for our audience. They are:

1. A Family’s Journey with Ovarian Cancer, Genetic Testing and the BRCA1 Mutation

In this heartfelt episode, an ovarian cancer survivor shares the story of her cancer journey, which includes undergoing genetic testing that revealed she was a BRCA1 carrier. Her daughter joins her in the conversation, explaining how she decided to take preventative surgical measures to avert a cancer diagnosis.

2. The Unique Dynamic of a Mother-Daughter Cancer-Caregiver Relationship

A mother-daughter duo who host a podcast together joined CURE® in this episode to discuss their cancer journey and how it led them to creating their podcast, “Stage 4 Clinger,” which takes a humorous look at their situation.

3. Survivor Lives in Gratitude Despite Ovarian Cancer

A teacher who is a survivor of ovarian cancer shares her story in this podcast episode, explaining how she used humor to get through treatment and why remaining connected to friends and family is the key to getting through the darkest of days.

4. The Double Whammy of Cancer and COVID-19 on Mental Health

An expert from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center joins CURE® in this podcast episode to discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health for patients with cancer, survivors and caregivers, and offers some advice on how people can manage these strains.

5. Gleevec Turned the Clock on a Late-Stage Leukemia Diagnosis

Leukemia survivor Mel Mann shared his fascinating cancer story of how joining a clinical trial for Gleevec (imatinib) turned his late-stage diagnosis around and has led him to continue living a happy life nearly 27 years later.

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