The Top 5 News and Updates in Breast Cancer That Patients May Have Missed in 2020


A roundup of some of the most read news and updates in breast cancer in 2020 from CURE®.

There have been several updates in the field of breast cancer in 2020. Here, CURE® looks back at some of the top news and updates in this field that patients read the most.

  • Women who had contralateral prophylactic mastectomy reported similar breast satisfaction and quality of life, cancer-related distress, and anxiety and depression scores compared with those who did not undergo the procedure. READ MORE.
  • At the 37th Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference, Dr. Jean-Bernard Durand discussed data that showed how prescribed and personalized exercise programs can improve outcomes for patients with cancer who already face a high risk of cardiovascular disease. READ MORE.
  • Breast cancer survivor and co-founder of CURE® magazine, Kathy LaTour, dies. READ MORE.
  • A breast cancer diagnosis in women younger than 40 may result in disruptions in employment and job-related decisions, as well as a decrease in finances. READ MORE.
  • Women who consumed the highest level of dietary advanced glycation end products had a higher risk of breast cancer, particularly advanced stage disease, compared with those who consumed the lowest. READ MORE.

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