There are things people dislike more than colonoscopies


Colonoscopies 58% : Congress 31%That's the favorability rating people gave when given a choice between the two, along with other non-desirables at the moment, which also included cockroaches and root canals. Public Policy Polling does favorability surveys to see how the public views Congress. This year the institution decided to compare it with other things to give people a better understanding of the poll. "Colonoscopies are not a terribly pleasant experience but at least they have some redeeming value that most voters aren't seeing in Congress: Colonoscopies 58 Congress 31"Or as one of my tweeps noted: "Sure. Colonoscopies are useful. RT @hillhealthwatch: Congress less popular than colonoscopies, root canals, poll finds"You can read the full results here if you're interested. While this may look bad for Congress, maybe colonoscopies are being seen in a better light. Incidence and mortality related to colorectal cancer have decreased in the past decade, and much of that can be credited to colon cancer screening, including colonoscopies.

Percentage of Adults Aged 50–75 Years Who Reported Being Up-to-Date with Colorectal Test Screening, by State; Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, United States, 2010We've gone from the Katie Couric Effect to it being a milestone of turning 50, a "colonoscopy getaway" that was featured on "Men of a Certain Age."

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