There is Magnificence and Bravery in Just Getting Up in the Morning

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A cancer survivor explains how in difficult times — such as living amid a pandemic or receiving treatment for cancer — just getting out of bed in the morning is a sign of bravery and magnificence.

As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers on, the entire world is weary. We were excited when the vaccines arrived for the horrible pandemic and marveled at the wonderful science that allowed the tired researchers to come out with several successful ones less than a year later. This is a miracle. Exhausted health workers looked forward to getting a much-deserved break from many long days and the constant fear of bringing COVID-19 home to their families.

Then new problems arose. Variants keep popping up around the world. There are not enough vaccines, and people are on the computer and waiting in line for hours. We are told we need to avoid crowds and wear masks for an undetermined amount of time.

Those of us with cancer are fatigued from cancer and the treatments. No matter what, we must continue treatments and trudge on to stay alive. Personally, I have not had a week off for over two years of going for blood work every Monday; and going to the infusion floor every Wednesday for the shots to keep me going. Parking is almost impossible at times, and sometimes I need to wait for treatment because the nurses are overwhelmed.

But I still reprimand myself for the days I haven’t tackled a project, done some writing, sent some cards, or worked around the apartment. I excoriate myself the evenings I do nothing but sit on my couch and watch television by the hour.

Then I found this wonderful quote by author Charlie Mackesy. Full of wonderful wisdom, one scene is as follows. It is from a picture book about “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse”. It reads, “Sometimes I feel I haven’t done much,” said the boy. “You’ve got up and carried on …,” said the horse “… which is brave and magnificent.”

I am observing people all over the world who are brave and magnificent. Despite personal problems, devastating illnesses, and a pandemic like no other, millions of us get up and carry on. By the way, it is OK to stay in bed and put the covers over your head occasionally, as long as you get up the next day! We need to praise ourselves and each other for doing this. We are all indeed brave and magnificent!

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