Today is World Cancer Day

Today is World Cancer Day, Feb. 4.Each year on this day, the World Health Organization supports International Union Against Cancer in its efforts to ease the global burden of cancer, including prevention, treatment, quality of life and survivorship.LIVESTRONG has been publicizing a video, created at its 2009 Global Cancer Summit in Ireland, reminding us that cancer is a global problem. But instead of just bringing awareness of these issues to a global stage--which they did--the meeting has already produced results.Doug Ulman, CEO of LIVESTRONG: "There's always a lot of talk, there are a lot of meetings, there are a lot of conferences, and the reason this is different is that the individuals here have already made commitments and are implementing those commitments."We first wrote about the LIVESTRONG Summit here in 2009, which details some of the objectives that are already being implemented around the world, including here in the United States.Here's the LIVESTRONG video:Several organizations are also promoting World Cancer Day, including Stand Up 2 Cancer (asking: Who do you stand for?) and the American Cancer Society.You can read more about World Cancer Day at