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Week in Review: September 21, 2023


In the News: COVID-19 and Myeloma Drug Updates, a Notable Awardee, and Extraordinary Resilience

Link: https://www.myeloma.org/blog/dr-duries/in-the-news-extraordinary-resilience

This blog focuses on fall health protection, emphasizing essential planning against COVID-19, RSV, and flu, highlighting the importance of updated vaccinations, safety measures, and government initiatives. A detailed plan recommends scheduling COVID-19, RSV, and flu shots, incorporating safety measures like high-quality mask usage, avoiding crowded indoor settings, and prompt action if testing positive for COVID-19.

With various COVID-19 variants circulating, information on vaccine effectiveness, government initiatives addressing supply and insurance coverage, and efforts to resolve payment and coverage issues contribute to the ongoing battle against the virus.

Furthermore, within the medical field, noteworthy achievements in myeloma research, such as recognition of innovative CAR-T cell therapies and promising results in multiple myeloma treatments, reflect ongoing advancements. The remarkable story of the Lahaina Banyan Tree in Hawaii symbolizes resilience and hope, while insights into immune therapies' impact and initiatives by the IMF highlight efforts to enhance patient responses and quality of life.

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