What Are Some of the Best Gifts You Have Received or Given During Cancer Treatment?


On social media, in honor of the holiday season, CURE® recently asked its readers to share some of the best gifts they either given or received during their cancer treatment.

Each week on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, CURE® asks its readers to share their thoughts with through the #CureConnect discussion question.

This past week, in honor of the holiday season, we asked our readers: “What are some of the best gifts you have given or received during cancer treatment?”

Here’s what some of our readers had to say:

  • “My best friend gave me a Baby Yoda (figure). I put a disposable mask on him, and I couldn't stop laughing, because he looks like Baby Yoda’s on Pinterest” – C.V.D.
  • “The many cards that people sent; some sent them every week. I kept them all for the first five years after my diagnosis and treatment and would reread them whenever a possible relapse occurred, or just when I needed to feel better during a low point. They felt like a warm hug.” – D.K.
  • “Beyond the love of family/friends, the best physical gift during treatment was a small plaque, given to me by some of my students.It reads: "You are stronger than you think!" One morning, that was the only thing that got me out of bed and back down to do another chemo infusion!” – C.P.
  • “A medical sheepskin to lay on ... fantastic for any time you are bedridden for more than a day or two.” – C.O.
  • “I am both a Santa and a patient. Last year I was Santa in my cancer center. I'm not allowed to do it this year because of COVID. However, the best gift I got, was watching the patient faces go from a blank look, to a smile when I would ask them what their best memory of Christmas is. That was my best gift.” – J.B.
  • “A handmade quilt, eight ladies each did a block.” – C.K.
  • “A soft blanket to snuggle in for chemo days, fully cooked meals, and ready to heat and eat foods.” – V.L.
  • “A friend who had her own cleaning business found out that my parents were coming to stay for one of my surgeries. She called and told me she was coming over to clean my house and she did. I'd already checked with Cleaning for a Reason, but there were no participating providers in the rural area we lived at the time.” – C.F.H.
  • “The gift of companionship at my eight chemo treatments. I have some amazing friends who took turns driving and just being with me to make the day pass more easily. I will never forget their kindness.” – N.B.

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