What Are Your Thoughts on the Month of ‘Pinktober’?


On social media, CURE® recently asked its readers to share their thoughts on the month of “Pinktober”.

Each week on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, CURE® asks its readers to share their thoughts with the #CureConnect discussion question.

This past week, we asked: “What are your thoughts on the month of ‘Pinktober’?”

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Here’s what our readers shared:

  • “Too much marketing for breast cancer. Forgets about all the other cancers like pancreatic which is increasing in numbers and has a poor outcome with no cure!” – C.G.T.
  • “As a survivor, I don’t mind the pink ribbons if it causes one woman to think about her risk factors and get the mammogram she has put off. You just have to be mindful that not all these so-called charities do anything to really help the researchers.” – G.N.
  • “I think more graphic pictures of women after a mastectomy need to be shown, that's what real breast cancer is. It's not just hair loss, it's much more than that; so many side effects from treatment. Hormone tablets, menopause, the list could go on.” – J.T.
  • “Hate it. Pink-washing makes breast cancer seem mild and curable. Breast cancer isn’t a cutesy color or ribbon, it isn’t a walk or fundraiser. Breast cancer is real, raw, life threatening and scary. Only the people who have gone through it really get it. Agree or disagree, it’s my opinion.” – B.L.
  • “I appreciate everything about breast cancer awareness. I am a survivor. I wish we had more awareness of all other cancers. My dad had leukemia and my sister had colon cancer.” – L.W.
  • “Awareness is important for ALL cancers, but this seems to have evolved into a Hallmark holiday. It’s too commercialized when I can’t even buy a bag of frozen vegetables without pink ribbons all over it. And I’m a survivor, too.” – D.C.S.
  • “I love PINKTOBER! I am a 20-year Breast Cancer Survivor.” – K.P.
  • “I'm reminded 365 days a year about BC and have since 2012. I will be reminded for the rest of my life. One month of selling pink is nothing compared to what we have all been through.” – R.P-P.
  • “I have always loved the color pink. Now that I am a breast cancer survivor, I love it even more. I don't like that people jump on the band wagon and take advantage of selling pink items. I do think that if wearing pink sparks one person to go get a mammogram then it is worth it.” – M.O.F.
  • “I like it!!! I feel it's brothers and sisters fighting together!” – D.R.

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