What Becomes Priority When An Illness Steps Foot Front and Center?

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A survivor of multiple cancers over the span of 27 years expresses her feelings about her cancer journey through a poem.

Can’t go back and undo the wrongs. Regrets waste time that is long gone.

Say your sorries and love yous, too. Figure out time and try not to be blue.

Can’t just hide and wish it away. Wonder how many "one more day"s.

Don’t dwell on what you should have done. It won’t make the days slow to a run.

Time moves forward, it just keeps on. Doesn’t matter if days are short or long.

Bargain for more, some waste it away. Who you’ve loved is what paves the way.

May not know who’ll miss you, any or none. You’ve done all you could, once the race is run.

Every cliché comes to mind, but there’s only you and life. Did you have rights and wrongs, some struggles and some strife?

Looking back, would we fix the errors that we made? The hurt we caused, disappointments too, and hurt feelings made?

Not to live the best each day seems to be the way of some. Hard to teach yourself there’s time when suddenly there’s none.

Learn a lesson if you can, from those who’ve gone before. Time, it waits for no one – whether less or more.

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