What Is the Most Important Lesson Cancer Has Taught You?


On social media, CURE® recently asked its readers to share the most important lesson cancer taught them.

Each week Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, CURE® asks its readers to share their thoughts with the #CureConnect discussion question.

This past week, we asked: “What is the most important lesson cancer has taught you?”

Here’s what our readers shared:

  • “To not take things for granted or put off places you want to see. Life is too short, (so) enjoy. Make memories with family and friends.” – D.H.
  • “Laughter and positivity are the best medicine.” – S.MB.
  • “That the things like having a spotless house, not taking chances, and fretting about tomorrow does not need our energy. Live (one) day at a time.” – C.H.
  • “That life is too short. Money means nothing. Enjoy life. Do what makes you happy.” – R.R-S.
  • “That where there is human weakness, there is also strength we didn't know we had. Six years strong.” – L.K.
  • “That I'm even stronger than I thought I was, and that friends and family can sustain you.” – S.B.
  • “It taught me the difference between friends and acquaintances. It taught me to appreciate the small things in life. I always thought I treasured my time with family until I thought I wouldn't have more time. Every smile, every chat, every hug (pre-COVID) is felt more deeply.” – G.A.
  • “There are people around you who love you more than you realize.” – M.J.K.
  • “That friends become strangers and strangers become friends AND being sick cost way too much.” – A.G.
  • “Life is not a dress rehearsal ... this is it.” – G.M.
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