What we're reading ... February 19, 2010

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Roger Ebert & Thyroid Cancer

This week, Esquire featured a powerful glimpse into the life of film critic Roger Ebert written eloquently by Chris Jones (Roger Ebert: The Essential Man). Diagnosed with thyroid cancer, Ebert has endured multiple surgeries that robbed him of his ability to speak, but through writing, this Pulitzer-prize winning critic has not lost his voice. To read more about Ebert's journey, look into his blog for the Chicago Sun-Times at

Lena Huang

Fitness & Nutrition EditorCancer Advances

The American Society of Clinical Oncology just put out its Clinical Cancer Advances 2009. The report gives an overview of the top advances in 2009, including drugs, standards of care, and prevention and screening. I was encouraged to see among the recommendations, enhanced coordination of care of cancer patients, including end-of-life care. The report also called for a strengthening of the nation's clinical research system.

Kathy LaTour

Editor-at-Large & cancer survivorColorectal Cancer Screening

While colonoscopies are the old standby when people think of colorectal cancer screening, there are actually several different types of tests people can use to screen for the cancer. Right now, only about 50 percent of people age 50 and older get annual screenings, and one reason, experts think, is because colonoscopies just aren't that fun. This article from the Associated Press (Millions missing out on colon cancer screening) talks about some of those barriers, but also how a simple in-home stool test could boost screening rates--and possibly save lives.

Elizabeth Whittington

Managing editor,