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What Would You Tell Your Pre-Cancer Self?


CURE® asked its readers: “What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger, pre-cancer self?”

CURE® asked its readers: “What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger, pre-cancer self?” to highlight some of their thoughts and the knowledge they have acquired throughout their cancer journey and beyond. Here is what some social media users had to share:

“Have a bigger emergency fund.” -J.A.

“Enjoy life, follow your dreams because it can all be taken away in an instant!” -D.B.

“Don’t waste your life preparing for life. Live as you work.” -V.B.

“Take time to allow yourself to heal.” -S.T.M.

“Use your downtime from work to make memories with your family, because in the end that is what they will be left with.” -C.D.

“Don’t let the opinions of others stop you from doing what makes you happy.” -S.D.

“Get a colonoscopy.” -D.K.

“Do screening beginning at 30 years old. And have a huge amount of savings.” -G.G.M.

“Don’t trust the doctor who said, ‘You don’t have cancer.’” -Anonymous

“Find better work life balance to de-stress more. Exercise, exercise.” -M.M.

“Do your best to live as stress-free as possible. I thought things were stressful until cancer came along.” -T.V.

“Don't beat yourself up for the life choices you made. No one gets out of dying, no matter what you do.” -M.B.H.

“Pursue an explanation of the symptoms quicker.” -L.L.

“Get your PAP test.” -P.A.

“Get your yearly mammogram! You could’ve saved yourself so much pain and suffering!!!!” -N.W.

“See the world while you have the energy to do so.” -R.D.

“Check your breasts regularly, to get to know what your ‘normal’ is.” -T.M.

“Don't overexpose yourself to the sun.” -M.N.P.

“Get genetic testing done early and additional genetic testing as technology warrants. Floss.” -D.D.

“I would tell my younger, pre-cancer self this: You aren’t too young for cancer. Cancer won’t care that you’re only 31. Cancer won’t care that you’re a mom. Make the most of your minutes. Enjoy the seemingly mundane moments, because tomorrow is never guaranteed.” -Anonymous

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