Women's retreat to heal from cancer

Shambhala Mountain Center is hosting its fifth annual retreat "Courageous Women, Fearless Living: A Retreat for Women Touched by Cancer," and if you act fast, the Center is giving away two free registrations! The goal of this nurturing retreat is to provide support and healing to those on the cancer journey by "integrating body, mind and heart." Professionals will give classes on healthcare, nutrition, meditation, yoga, visualization and art therapy. Leaders include Victoria Maizes, MD, executive director of Dr. Andrew Weil's University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, and Linda Sparrowe, writer, yoga instructor and editor-in-chief of the magazine Natural Solutions. Shambhala Mountain Center is located on 600 beautiful acres in northern Colorado. It has been offering programs and retreats on meditation, yoga and other contemplative disciplines since 1971. The Center is also affiliated with Shambhala International, a network of over 170 groups, centers and retreats around the world. To apply for the two free registrations, click here. The drawing will be on July 25, 2011, so register soon! Good luck! To find out more about the retreat, click here. Here are some comments from past "Courageous Women, Fearless Living" attendees: "This program will help me to begin my 'new life' – perfect timing, perfect content. I just finished radiation one month ago and had no idea what to do next! Now I know I am reborn.""Thank you for sharing this sacred land. You worked so hard to show us love and compassion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I felt so loved. This may have saved my life – I had lost hope, but now...I want to go on.""For me, the five days we spent together in this blissful healing environment was wonderful from so many perspectives. I loved the nutritional guidance, the yoga, the meditation, the healing visualizations and most of all the courageous women, so full of life and vigor."