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Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation

The mission of the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation (CCF) is to find a cure and improve the quality of life for those affected by cholangiocarcinoma, a rare fatal cancer that originates from the cells in the lining of the bile ducts. Founded in 2006 by a family of a loved one who was lost to cholangiocarcinoma, CCF has grown to become a renown, global non-profit organization funding research and providing support and education to the cholangiocarcinoma community at-large.
Through community outreach, the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation aims to increase tumor profiling and clinical trial participation.
The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation has won a grant from Bayer to create a website and outreach to patients and doctors to let them know that all patients with the disease need to have their tumors sequenced, because there are existing medicines and clinical trials that may help patients with actionable mutations more than the standard of care.
Targeted drugs and immunotherapies are still on the horizon for people with cholangiocarcinoma, or bile duct cancer.
A lot is still unknown about the causes of cholangiocarcinoma, because this type of cancer, which affects the bile ducts inside or outside the liver, is so rare.
Progress in cholangiocarcinoma treatment was long stalled, but now scientists are identifying genetic drivers likely to respond to novel drugs.
New therapies are emerging for the treatment of cholangiocarcinoma, a rare type of cancer that is not often discussed.
Engaging in different mindfulness techniques can help ease both pain in stress in patients with cancer.
CURE Media Group, the nation’s leading digital and print media enterprise focused on cancer patients, has added three colon cancer organizations and one bile duct cancer foundation to its growing Advocacy Spotlight Partnership program. The new partners are Fight Colorectal Cancer, Colon Cancer Alliance, Colon Cancer Coalition and the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation.
Research into treatments for cholangiocarcinoma is branching out, but there are still more questions than answers.
Finding specialized care is worth the effort for patients with uncommon cancers.

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