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Could Be Cancer

Three words no one wants to hear
PUBLISHED September 21, 2016
Ellen was a teacher, drug/alcohol counselor and school counselor for 32 years. Always being fairly “unique,” she was diagnosed with a unique form of breast cancer – one tumor followed by two more malignant tumors – in 2007. Ellen and her husband, although native New Yorkers, have lived in Seattle for 41 years. They have two grown children, two grandchildren and two standard poodles.
Could Be Cancer

Futile attempt to make eye contact

The man in the white coat looms over me in the ultrasound room

Doctor, what do you think?

A plea, a question, a whisper

In a voice that was not mine but emanated from me

He spoke into his armpit

Could be cancer

He uttered expressionless

As if he said could be cloudy with a chance of rain

Words like water droplets remain stagnant in the air we both shared

Discarding the hospital gown

I escape


To later learn

Escaping was impossible
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