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Kathy LaTour

Kathy LaTour is a breast cancer survivor, author of The Breast Cancer Companion and co-founder of CURE magazine. While cancer did not take her life, she has given it willingly to educate, empower and enlighten the newly diagnosed and those who care for them.
Kathy LaTour
We all survived another October and the tidal wave of pink that represents breast cancer.
Kathy LaTour
I didn’t really like this surgeon very much. She was so young and soft spoken.
Kathy LaTour
Fear of recurrence can linger years after diagnosis.
Kathy LaTour
The mouth is also part of the body, and yet, it is only in the past few years that oncologists have begun recommending patients see a dentist before they begin treatment to be sure the teeth and gums are in good shape.
Kathy LaTour
When John McCain died this week, I was reminded of another patient who died of this nasty disease.
Kathy LaTour
It is not always easy to know what to say to a loved one who was just diagnosed with cancer. Here are some dos and don'ts that may help. But remember, every person is different. 
Kathy LaTour
Cancer offers a number of opportunities to be in pain, not only during treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, but also from late effects such as peripheral neuropathy.
Kathy LaTour
Today women face a plethora of options. Their tumors are tested for all kinds of differences that may tell them if chemotherapy will work and which drugs would work best. There are support groups and help for families that we didn’t have.
Kathy LaTour

Those of us who had chemotherapy and/or radiation as part of our treatment have now been hit with another lovely late effect, if the results of a new study are accurate. We have the potential to age prematurely. 
Kathy LaTour
It is hard to start a new year in the middle of cancer treatment. That was the situation for me, and I recall grasping at anything positive I could find in the coming of a new year.

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