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Kathy LaTour

Kathy LaTour is a breast cancer survivor, author of The Breast Cancer Companion and co-founder of CURE magazine. While cancer did not take her life, she has given it willingly to educate, empower and enlighten the newly diagnosed and those who care for them.
Kathy LaTour

Those of us who had chemotherapy and/or radiation as part of our treatment have now been hit with another lovely late effect, if the results of a new study are accurate. We have the potential to age prematurely. 
Kathy LaTour
It is hard to start a new year in the middle of cancer treatment. That was the situation for me, and I recall grasping at anything positive I could find in the coming of a new year.
Kathy LaTour
Christmas can be a real challenge when going through cancer. Aside from the financial burden that may limit the number of boxes under the tree, the emotional burden can dampen what is usually a happy and cheerful time of year.
Kathy LaTour
People used to think that palliative care and hospice were one in the same. However, now it has a separate category of its own.
Kathy LaTour
Women want bilateral mastectomy more often, and many are getting it.
Kathy LaTour
Studies look at women with peripheral neuropathy after treatment for early-stage breast cancer
Kathy LaTour
The flood in Texas is causing strife for thousands of people. But patients with cancer have additional stressors.
Kathy LaTour
The facts are in on stress reduction, and many doctors still are not taking advantage of the benefits.
Kathy LaTour
Even cancer patients with insurance face difficulties with financial toxicity.
Kathy LaTour
The first few weeks after a cancer diagnosis can be scary and confusing.

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