Anita T. Shaffer

The New Front Line in Melanoma: Immunotherapy OR Targeted Agents?

May 26, 2016

In the fast-moving world of melanoma treatment, new therapeutic options for patients with metastatic disease are emerging faster than oncology researchers can establish guidelines for their optimal clinical use. That is raising questions about which should be the firstline choice in metastatic melanoma — targeted drugs or immunotherapy — and how these drugs should be sequenced.

For Small Brain Metastases, Side Effects of Whole Brain Radiation Outweigh Benefits

June 05, 2015

When cancers that originate elsewhere cause small metastases in the brain, initial treatment should not routinely be followed by whole brain radiation therapy, because that strategy dramatically increases the chances of cognitive decline without improving survival outcomes.

With Micrometastases in Melanoma, Complete Node Removal May be Unnecessary

June 02, 2015

When melanoma metastacizes, the lymph node to which it has spread is typically removed. But what if micrometastases are found in other nearby lymph nodes? Should patients undergo a complete dissection, or removal, of all the nodes in the area?

Examining Radiotherapy Assumptions in Breast Cancer Care

March 03, 2015

Looking at prior treatment and efficacy data, researchers finds significant benefit with radiotherapy when given to older patients with hormone-negative invasive breast cancer who had undergone breast-conserving surgery.

Extracting Clues from a Rare Type of Breast Cancer

March 03, 2015

A detailed tumor profile of molecular and protein alterations in a rare breast cancer subtype called metaplastic breast cancer, was one of the top studies presented at the Miami Breast Cancer Conference this year.

Nearly 20 Cancer Drugs On Breakthrough Therapy List

January 29, 2015

The Food and Drug Administration is evaluating proposals for new indications for at least 17 oncology medicines, according to Friends of Cancer Research, an advocacy group that aims to get patients cutting-edge treatments as safely and quickly as possible.