Jeannette Moninger

KRAS G12C Lung Cancer: New Therapies Treat the 'Undruggable'

April 12, 2022

The KRAS G12C gene mutation in non-small cell lung cancer has been deemed “undruggable,” but recent effective therapies have successfully targeted this mutation, leading to shrinking of tumors and longer survival.

Leptomeningeal Disease: A Rare Cancer Metastasis

March 02, 2022

The number of people developing leptomeningeal disease is increasing for the same reason that diagnoses of brain metastases are on the rise: People are living longer, giving cancer more time to spread.

Navigating the Psychosocial Effects That Can Outlast Cancer And Its Treatment

November 15, 2020

By 2040, experts predict there will be more than 26 million cancer survivors in America. Based on findings from several studies, these survivors can expect to spend large portions of their lives managing the disease’s effect on their physical and mental well-being.

Sometimes You Have to Laugh

February 18, 2015

As a comedic actress, Julia Sweeney can usually find the humor in just about any situation, but when diagnosed with cervical cancer, she felt more of a punch than a punchline. Learning that humor was her way of healing came soon afterward, though.