Kate Beland

Kate Beland does not believe that cancer defines her. She is an athlete, a marathoner, a mother, a wife and a writer. When she is not conducting her three-ring circus act, she is busy kicking late stage melanoma's butt and keeping herself sane through her writing and running: or

A Leap of Faith: When It's Time to Reset Your Frame of Mind

September 07, 2018

I felt like cancer had forced me to do other "uncomfortable" things instead of the bucket list I had chosen.

The Ups and Downs of Cancer Survivorship

August 31, 2018

I know that once you are a cancer survivor, you're always a cancer survivor, but will that sinking feeling of no control ever go away?

Three Tips for Gaining Control After a Cancer Diagnosis

August 03, 2018

There is no easy way to gain a sense of control when dealing with cancer. And we all definitely deal with it differently.

Feeling Like Shark Bait After Cancer Surgery

July 17, 2018

When I look in the mirror, I see that I am the byproduct of multiple surgeries. Sometimes, I feel as if I look like shark bait.

Running, Stumbling and Finding the Way through Cancer

May 04, 2018

I think being an athlete is what saved my life.

The Calm After the Storm

March 09, 2018

I will relish that calm after the storm when I leave that hospital knowing it didn't break me.

Remission Is Just A Word That Makes Other People Feel Better

September 13, 2017

Some of us fumble more than others. I was one of those emotional wrecks, wearing my emotions on my sleeve.

The 5 Truths Post Cancer

June 07, 2017

Maybe they'll be able to put the big girl pants on when life throws it's curve balls.

Dear Diary: Thoughts from a Cancer Survivor

March 23, 2017

I miss the girl who was too self-absorbed to know real sorrow.

4 Tips on What I Wish I Did After My Cancer Diagnosis

January 12, 2017

Because I am a lifelong learner and an educator at heart, I always feel the compelling need to share in case someone else out there might benefit from the fires I've walked through.

A Mother's Wish: On Cancer, Health and Being There for Loved Ones

November 30, 2016

I really don't understand why some of us bear heavier burdens than others....

Well Visits: A Day in the Life of a Cancer Survivor

October 06, 2016

Today I feel as if I have some unfinished business, though I am not quite sure what it is.

Rise Up: 4 Life Lessons From a Cancer Survivor

August 24, 2016

I remember that moment feeling like I was in the middle of a fire, and it was going to eat me alive. But it did not. I found a way to get up; I found a way to rise up.

Come Together, With or Without Cancer

July 28, 2016

The state of the world is a major buzzkill right now...

Life Out Loud: Learning to Live Again After Cancer

July 13, 2016

I took a vacation from cancer. I didn't write about it; I didn't think about it; I just lived — out loud and joyfully.

Five Ways to Be a Friend to Someone With Cancer

June 07, 2016

If you really break it down, there are only two emotions that consume the world and all its living beings: love and fear.

Cancer's Gift: Permission to Let Go

May 18, 2016

With that first gasp of air, like you have been holding your breath the past 11 months, you realize you just might be a better person after all this cancer crap.

Unbecoming: When Cancer Strips You of Who You Thought You Were

April 30, 2016

I am not a warrior who can handle anything. I am not the toughest person you know. I have no choice.

The Boston Marathon and a Cancer Diagnosis

April 11, 2016

I ran this race last April knowing that something was not right with my body. I just knew...

Dear Daughters: A Mother Reflects on How to Move Forward With Cancer

March 21, 2016

I am sorry that you spent the summer watching me empty my drains and wondering when the heck those giant tubes would be pulled from my leg. I know I did my best to use discretion, but you still saw and still knew this had to do with cancer.

Mom's Cancer Diagnosis: Tips for Families With Young Children

February 26, 2016

My children are intelligent, thoughtful and sensitive. In this case, telling the truth is not always in their best interest.

Tips for the Family and Friends of a Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patient

February 04, 2016

Cancer does not mean a death sentence. Many of us are walking around, living life with cancer.

Chasing Freedom and Taking on Fear: Life in Recovery From Melanoma

January 22, 2016

Cancer benched me, but it's time to feel alive again and remember that I am much more than a person who is recovering from a disease.

For One Survivor, Melanoma Is the Source of Great Fear — and New Goals

January 21, 2016

I am not fearless. But, despite all that this disease has taken from me, I will fight to take something back.

No Evidence of Disease: A New Year's Gift

January 08, 2016

December 10 was my New Year's Eve — it was full of hope and renewal.

Cancer Can Take the Tough Ones Too

December 13, 2015

My letter to Ty, a young man taken before his time.

Feeling Alive While I Recover From Cancer

December 04, 2015

I feel terror and beauty all around me, but it's OK to feel them both — they've gotten me this far.