Author | Khevin Barnes

Khevin Barnes is a Male Breast Cancer survivor, magician and speaker. He is currently writing, composing and producing a comedy stage musical about Male Breast Cancer Awareness. He travels wherever he is invited to speak to (and do a little magic for) men and women about breast cancer.

Old Photos Give Cancer Survivors Snapshots of Their Former Selves

August 23, 2020

While it may seem beneficial to attach ourselves to the memories of our pre-cancer existence, it does little to help us focus on the here and now.

Filling Their Hearts With Song

July 31, 2020

One cancer survivor finds health and healing in the gift of music.

Coming to Terms with the 'Sign Language' of Cancer

July 29, 2020

As I walk around the senior community that I live in, I notice the stark reminders that life is an impermanent adventure.

CURE Community Vlogs: Laughter As Therapy

July 25, 2020

“Laughter is the best medicine” is a principle that CURE Voices contributor Khevin Barnes takes, well, seriously. In this edition of CURE Community Vlogs, Khevin takes a minute to discuss how laughter can help men with breast cancer find a new outlook on their diagnosis.