Kim Johnson

Kim was a caregiver for her sister while she battled stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma for nearly five years, from diagnosis through an autologous transplant. She turned her experience into change and has since become an activist in finding a cure for cancer. Kim has worked in politics and assisted in the passing of numerous legislative pieces impacting patients with cancer and their families. She is an activist in the field of oncology, nursing and beyond. Additionally, she is a volunteer and champion for a cure with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Campaign. Kim has shared her experiences with cancer as a contributor with Cure and through public speaking engagements throughout the United States.

The Unbearable Anxiety Experienced by Cancer Caregivers

September 21, 2021

A woman explains how pushing her anxiety aside to care for her sister with cancer was not good for her own health. “I wondered about all the other caregivers out there. I wondered if they, too, were suffering in silence because they did not want to draw focus away from the person they were caring for,” she writes.

Recurrence and the Choices of a Caregiver

August 16, 2021

After her sister's cancer recurrence, a woman explains her choice not to assume the caregiver role this time around. "While my sister battles cancer this time, I will be her sister," she writes.

The Importance of Connecting to Peers With Cancer

November 15, 2020

No matter how great the support system, care center or caregiver, it's nearly impossible for patients with cancer to fully share their experiences with those that don't understand. Which is why it's so important for patients to find peers to discuss their cancer with.

Baby Steps are Helping Me Tame the Beast That is Anxiety

October 01, 2020

When going through cancer, you are often waiting for more bad news to come because it comes far more often than good news does. It is hard to let your guard down and recognize that while that was life during cancer, that is not your life anymore.

A Final Farewell

July 09, 2020

With the passing of CURE co-founder Kathy LaTour, one contributor remembers the advice, friendship and kindness that Kathy passed on to her that helped her to share her own cancer story.

Writing With A Purpose

June 18, 2020

Writing about the cancer journey and sharing your story is vulnerable and challenging, but the experience is often cathartic and necessary.

Memories Along the Cancer Journey

June 11, 2020

A simple banana split can be a powerful memory, and a powerful tool, to help caregivers and patients find the strength to keep going on their cancer journey.

Educating Your Way Through Cancer

June 03, 2020

Knowledge is power, and using that is vital on the cancer journey.

Recognizing the Complexities of Caregiving

May 27, 2020

“Being a caregiver is a role that is defined by cancer more so than it is by the caregiver.”

Precautions Are Nothing New for Patients with Cancer During COVID-19

May 18, 2020

COVID-19 has dramatically altered the lives of millions across the globe, but for patients with cancer, the new restrictions and new challenges are ones they have already managed to handle.

Seeking Help and Knowing You Aren't Alone As a Caregiver

May 07, 2020

Being a caregiver can be an isolating experience, but there is a wider community for all caregivers to lean on in their time of need.

Prognosis Can Mean Choosing Your Own Path

April 29, 2020

Part of the prognosis is often what the patient brings to it, the journey ahead of them that only they can travel.

Devoting Time to Friends During Cancer

April 18, 2020

During cancer it's easy to let friends in the "outside world" fall to the wayside, but it's sometimes possible, and helpful, to foster those relationships.