Mark Hicks

Mark is a retired freelance artist and illustrator who has created hundreds of works of art for books, magazines, greeting cards, websites and countless other publications over a long career. After retiring, he hoped to just live a simple life, maybe do volunteer work with his wife at some National Parks and continue to paint, sculpt, and do other creative works – but this time just for art’s sake. However, his wife received a BRCA2-associated cancer diagnosis that shattered that dream. Mark became his late wife’s caregiver as she struggled with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer and all the horrible side effects that come with treatment. In turn, he became a hereditary cancer awareness and prevention advocate. And since his daughter also carries the same germline BRCA2 mutation, he said that his advocacy means even more.

Cancer and the Butterfly Effect

February 03, 2023

Reflecting on World Cancer Day got me thinking about butterflies, a symbol of hope, but, according to the “Butterfly Effect” theory, a small flap of their wings could have major impacts on the world, which is not very different from cancer.

Hereditary Cancer Demands a New Medical Discipline

September 27, 2022

I'm suggesting a new medical discipline called "previvology" that is dedicated to the detection of genetic mutations and the prevention or early detection of cancers that are associated with them.

Was I a Good Enough Cancer Caregiver?

July 16, 2022

As I enter my second year of grief and the shock and fog of the traumatic loss of my wife to cancer has waned a bit, sometimes I see things a little clearer. And one thing I do know, there was something that I did get right.

Patient Advocates Represent a Much-Needed Lifeline for People Who are Dealing with Cancer

June 06, 2022

Having someone beside you to accompany you during doctor's visits to take notes or having someone to help you find the right specialist or even to just help research what treatment options are available can be incredibly helpful.