New Issue Alert: CURE Lung Cancer

Katie Kosko and Brielle Benyon

We've got a sneak peek at what’s inside CURE®'s lung cancer special issue.

Now, more than ever before, genetic testing of tumors is crucial for patients, especially those with lung cancer. Getting to Know Your Genes can help change your course of treatment. In our cover story, experts share insight into the latest science and how it is helping patients live longer.
Next, can simple conditioning exercises and health changes before treatment better outcomes after? It’s called prehabilitation — and some health care professionals think it’s beneficial. We discuss getting Stronger Before Surgery in this issue.
And, becoming an Overnight Caregiver. Two husbands share how their wives’ diagnoses transformed their lives in an instant — from household duties to taking notes at doctors’ appointments. Read how they worked through the stress and fear to come out feeling more connected.
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And, as always, thanks for reading. 
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