Founding 'Faery' Shares Resources and Inspiration Behind Blue Faery Liver Cancer Association

Andrea Wilson

After realizing no organizations existed for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and their caregivers, Andrea Wilson founded Blue Faery: The Adrienne Wilson Liver Cancer Association to help prevent, treat and cure liver cancer through research, education and advocacy.

Wilson founded Blue Faery about a year and a half after her sister passed away in 2001 – just 147 days with the disease. “I knew the rate of liver cancer was going to rise in this country. I didn’t want anyone else to go through what we did.”

At the 2019 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting, Wilson spoke about the loss of her sister and how it inspired her to found Blue Faery, while also sharing, information about the resources available, such as the online forum for patients and caregivers.
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