Megan Miller Shares Her Experience with Skin Cancer

At age 22, Megan Miller was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a common form of skin cancer that can be easily treated. But a year later, she was diagnosed with melanoma.
"Looking back, I knew this was a deadly form of skin cancer," she says. 
Melanoma has become the most common form of cancer for young adults age 25 to 29 years old and the second most common for 15-29 years old. 
"I was the typical 22 year old who did the tanning bed and sunbathing,"she says. She now shares her story with other young adults in the hopes of reducing their risk of skin cancer. Many of her friends have stopped tanning and have increased their sunscreen use, she says.
"I was lucky enough that I caught my melanoma in time," she says."Early detection saved my life."
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