Oncologist Suzanne L. Topalian Describes New Melanoma Treatments

Melanoma specialist, Suzanne L. Topalian discusses how new approved drugs and those in the pipeline for advanced melanoma are making an impact for patient. 
"There is more reason today than ever to be hopeful about the future of patients with melanoma," says Topalian, who serves as director of the Johns Hopkins Melanoma Program and professor of Surgery and Oncology. 
She explains that some of these new treatments are tailored for patients whose cancers have certain mutations and others, such as the anti-PD1s, are broader approaches and can be effective no matter the type of mutations present in the tumor.
"It's possible that by combining those two types of strategies, that we'll have even more powerful results," she says.
Her advice for patients is to stay well informed, discuss the newest treatment options with their caregivers and to remain hopeful. 
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