Rebecca N. Claassen on the Importance of Educating Nurses About MPNs

Rebecca N. Claassen

Rebecca N. Claassen, Unit Educator at the University of Kansas Cancer Center, discusses the importance of educating nurses about myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs).

Claassen was named one of our 2015 MPN Heroes in the category of Commitment to the Individual. Claassen has demonstrated outstanding support for patients with MPNs. As a dedicated Unit Educator at the University of Kansas Cancer Center, Claassen has brought a greater understanding of MPNs to the nursing staff. Her fervent advocacy and teaching about MPNs has gone beyond mere communication. Her efforts have helped colleagues make a positive impact on the quality of care for patients with MPNs.

In caring for patients, Claassen provides meaningful guidance about financial assistance, clinical trials, and treatment options, and support avenues to help them overcome daily challenges. In short, her tireless advocacy brings MPNs to the forefront for her peers and provides a sense of hope for patients.
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