Words of Wisdom for Patients With Liver Cancer

Andrea J. Wilson

Andrea J. Wilson, president and founder of Blue Faery: The Adrienne Wilson Liver Cancer Association, offers advice for patients with liver cancer. Wilson started the foundation after her younger sister, Adrienne, died of liver cancer.

First and foremost, Wilson wants patients to know that liver cancer is not their fault. Liver cancer is a “silent killer” and often not diagnosed until the later stages, but regardless of a person’s diagnosis or lifestyle, Wilson emphasized that she wouldn’t wish this disease on anyone. Next, she encouraged people to visit for resources and information on the disease. Third, regardless of how much a patient may love his or her doctor, Wilson noted that everyone should get a second opinion and know all of their possible treatment options. Finally, patients should not wait to look into clinical trials. They should be investigating trials at the beginning of their treatment, rather than the end.
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