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Kelly Johnson
The responsibility of caregiving is increasingly being placed on family members.
Every year, thousands of children are diagnosed with cancer in the United States. Sherrie and Michael Wells started the Hugs for Brady Foundation to help end pediatric cancer for good.
Beth Fand Incollingo
Better treatment and follow-up are being credited with a reduction in the likelihood that survivors of childhood cancers will later die of illnesses caused by their therapy, such as new malignancies or cardiac or lung disease.
Going through cancer treatment in 1990 and again today has given me first-hand experience with how the landscape has changed.
Christina Izzo
A new study has found that although the number of childhood cancer survivors is increasing, the majority of those to survive five or more years beyond diagnosis have at least one chronic health condition.
Melissa Long knows first-hand what it is like to battle isolation and depression as a teenage cancer survivor.
No matter how strong we are, the intense treatments, side effects, and emotional toll of cancer can push a person to her breaking point. If you are lucky, you have someone to help guide you through it.
Elizabeth Whittington
Could using electronic devices help alleviate symptoms and improve patient-physician communication for children and young adults with cancer?
Elizabeth Whittington
Lauren Hill, a college basketball player diagnosed with a rare childhood brain tumor, brought attention to the disease and raised more than $1 million for DIPG research. Hill passed away on April 10.
There is comfort in having a simple cause and effect. The unknown can be difficult to accept.

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