A Glimmer of Hope for Those With Lung Cancer

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Although more research is needed, biomarker discoveries and advances in molecular diagnostics and drug development have ushered in the age of personalized medicine in the field of oncology and brought hope to countless patients, especially those with mutations that not long ago were considered “undruggable.”

In this special issue of CURE®, we spoke with two patients whose EGFR exon 20 insertion mutations were detected via next-generation sequencing. Thanks to two agents approved by the Food and Drug Administration in just the last 11 months, they can now receive more personalized and effective treatment.

Further studies, however, are required to determine why the mutations can be so unrelenting, as one patient experienced after some time on the drug.

We also talked with two other patients about how they have benefited from vigilance and strict adherence to screening schedules that can detect recurrence and metastases. They show us the importance of follow-up throughout the cancer journey, even during survivorship.

Also in this issue, as part of CURE®’s 20th anniversary series, a cancer center director highlights the advances in biomarker testing in patients with lung cancer, which has also opened the doors to further development of effective treatments. She highlights the progress that has been made during the past 20 years and outlines what needs to be accomplished in the next 20 years to make it a more effective target.

“There’s real potential to be able to manage lung cancer in the future with fewer deaths than we have now, even though we are doing much better than we did back in 2002,” Joann Sweasy, director of the University of Arizona Cancer Center in Tucson, said in an interview.

Other topics addressed in this special issue are exercises for at-home recovery after lobectomy, surgical treatment decision-making in early-stage lung cancer and the effect that a delayed diagnosis can have on patients.

As always, we hope you find our stories inspirational and informative. Thank you for reading.


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