A Survivorship Resource Map

CUREFall 2011
Volume 10
Issue 3

George Washington University Cancer Institute unveils a cancer survivorship map.

It seems as if every major cancer center has developed its own survivorship plan, a guide for patients to follow after treatment has ended.

However, survivors of childhood cancer may have specialized needs and long-term and late effects that need to be considered, such as fertility issues and secondary cancers. The George Washington University Cancer Institute created its own “Survivor’s Map” (gwumc.edu/survivorsmap) as an online resource for adult survivors of pediatric cancers. The map touches on issues a childhood cancer survivor may face, including those associated with employment, insurance and follow-up care. The site also offers links to an array of resources on childhood cancers, survivorship care plans, support organizations, guidelines for staying healthy and testimonials from survivors. GW’s Center for the Advancement of Cancer Survivorship, Navigation and Policy, which was created in 2009, developed the site to help survivors easily find the resources they need to craft a unique plan with their medical team.