Angels all around


I'm wrapped with angel wings every day. Some days they are more apparent than others and manifest in places and ways that I never dreamed. The past week I've been in Los Angeles sharing information, resources and hope for those affected by liver tumors and shining a bright light on YES ( Angels were standing beside me even before the week began. In what can only be described as a "meant to be" meeting, Suzanne Rico and I became friends. She opened her house to our survivors and even arranged for Emmy-winning Jon Cryer to greet our group! John had just been in a pretty significant bike crash and still made time to visit us, sharing hope and "standing up to cancer!" I also got to visit with Suzanne's AWESOME and gorgeous mom, Gabriela, who is living with cancer (more in my next blog).Dalia MacPhee, and her lovely mom, Myrtle, have been surrounding me and YES for a while. I was able to meet Dalia for the first time two weeks ago at Plitzs New York City Fashion week. She gifted beautiful gowns for our survivors to wear down the red carpet at the Emmys and both shared their time and friendship throughout the week. Brian MacLeod, who is a nine-year stage 4 colon cancer survivor, helped me from beginning to end. His passion and willingness to share his incredible story changed more than one life during these days which collide with the next angel, Debbie Durkin. As her charity partner at the ECO Emmys Celebrity Chateau and Gifting Lounge, we met more than 100 celebrity and media angels who gave their voices to film a YES public service announcement. This brings me to three additional angels who graciously spent two hot days in the sun to make our film possible - John Orland of Crossroads Productions, cameraman Henry Wexler and soundman Andy Theiss. Though we hope to do much more than create awareness at such events, it doesn't always happen. This time there were magical connections. We met Patricia from Lucys El Adobe Cafe who put us in touch with an acquaintance who is also a stage IV survivor. Not only was our rowdy crew of 24 survivors and their family members able to meet him, but Patricia treated us to a spectacular dinner! From a celebrity whose mother-in-law is now battling metastatic breast cancer to those who have lost loved ones because of cancer, our outreach and message was significant. And in the midst were angels like Doc Mac and John Cerbone who want to help our reach grown even broader!One of my favorite and most memorable highlights of the week came on Saturday, when our group got to meet my very beautiful and gracious angel friend and supporter, Sharon Lawrence. She was kind enough to spend some precious time for a "Hope in the Sand" photo and pictures with everyone, giving us a touching memory that will last forever!Our time ended on the red carpet at the Emmys with a great group of survivors and their families - me, Baylah, Brian, David, my partner-in-crime Marilia, Myrtle and Roger - with MYC Agnew in tow! He had our group of survivors laughing and smiling! With the guys in tuxes, ladies in dresses by Dalia, hair and make-up by the very talented Diana Lomelin, we were whisked from the world of cancer to an enchanted fairytale made possible by angels all around.

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