Cupcakes for a cause

There is a fabulous bakery in Dallas called Bread Winners, which makes the best cupcakes. I only partake if it's a special occasion, though. Well, this week is a special occasion. CancerCare's Cupcakes for a Cause enlists the help of bakeries all across the country to help raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer. Each bakery will be selling specially decorated cupcakes this week and donating a portion of the profits toCancerCare for Kids, a program that offers counseling, support groups, podcasts, and information for childhood cancer patients, siblings, parents, and kids who have parents dealing with the disease.You can find a local participating bakery at (Surprisingly, RaceTrac sells cupcakes ... who knew?)If you're worried about your waistline (or you've read our "Energy Balance" feature in the Fall issue), you can also send a free, virtual cupcake and göt2b will donate $1 for each e-cupcake - up to $10,000 (but I don't think it's nearly as fun). They also have a bake sale toolkit if you want to create and sell your own cupcakes for the cause.CancerCare reported that last year's fundraiser generated nearly $100,000. I'd like to say that I'm doing my part this week to help them surpass that goal this year - double chocolate-style.