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CURE’s Top Five Celebrity Interviews of 2020


Every now and then CURE® is able to get a celebrity to talk about their experience with cancer and share how this common disease even impacts them.

Every day, CURE® aims to connect the cancer community and empower individual journeys by sharing cancer news and updates, as well as patient, caregiver and health care provider stories.

Once in a while, a celebrity will share their experience with the CURE® audience and help bridge the gap even further. Here, we’re taking a look back at CURE®’stop five celebrity interviews of 2020. Which one was your favorite?

Dick Vitale: Working Toward Victory Over Pediatric Cancer

In sports, there is a particular passion for winning. ESPN college basketball broadcaster Dick Vitale shares that same passion for winning, but off the court. As a longtime champion to achieve victory over cancer, Dick has been helping the V Foundation in its mission for a cure since the beginning, focusing his efforts specifically on pediatric cancer research. Here, we spoke with Vitale about his passion as a longtime champion to achieve victory over cancer.

Rob Paulsen on Facing Cancer and the Pandemic with a Smile

Best known for his roles on animated series like “Animaniacs” and “Pinky and the Brain,” voice actor Rob Paulsen spoke with CURE® about how he’s taken on his role as the 2020 Head and Neck Cancer Alliance celebrity spokesperson with the same enthusiasm he has for finding the joy in each day. In this video, he goes into detail about how he’s raising awareness about the disease while weathering the COVID-19 pandemic.

Katie Couric and Susan G. Komen CEO Paula Schneider: Sharing Cancer Journeys One Letter at a Time

Television journalist Katie Couric and Susan G. Komen CEO Paula Schneider share a common experience in their experiences with cancer: There is a lot of advice they would offer their former selves.

In this episode of the “CURE® Talks Cancer” podcast, Couric and Schneider discuss their caregiver and patient journeys and shed some light on Your Cancer Story – a platform designed to share patient stories to ensure an individual affected by a cancer diagnosis never feels alone.

Acceptance is Vital to Getting Through Cancer and COVID-19, Says Survivor Ethan Zohn

In many ways, former professional soccer player and “Survivor: Africa” winner Ethan Zohn feels that cancer prepared him for the isolation and uncertainty that has been associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The answer to navigating the chaos, he explained, is to find acceptance. Here, Zohn talks about how his cancer journey changed his perspective on life and helps him to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bonus: Listen as Zohn shares his story in its entirety on the “CURE Talks Cancer” podcast.

Actor Sterling K. Brown is the Face of ‘Survivorship Today’ Shedding Light on Life After Cancer

After losing his uncle and father too soon to cancer, “This is Us” actor Sterling K. Brown is paying tribute to those who have been lost by collaborating with pharmaceutical company Bristol Myers Squibb on a program called “Survivorship Today”, a video series that offers insights into what it’s like to live with cancer. In this interview, he talks about how rewarding it has been to interview cancer survivors and share their stories.

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