CURE®’s Top Stories: November 2020


Each month, we take a look back at the most popular CURE® stories. Here are the top five stories for November 2020.

Each month, we take a look back at the most popular stories that appeared on CURE®. Here are the top five stories for November 2020.

5. Early Evidence Shows Fasting, Keto Diet May Make Cancer Treatments More Effective and Tolerable

Cancer loves glucose, which is why fasting, restricting calorie consumption or following the ketogenic diet may make chemotherapy and some other cancer treatments more effective and easier to tolerate, early evidence shows.

4. Increased Importance: Rare Genomic Alterations in Lung Cancer

For decades, lung cancer has been associated with tobacco smoking. Although it is clearly a risk factor, cutting-edge research has led to biological discoveries that can explain why some people who have never smoked, especially young people, are receiving lung cancer diagnoses.

3. How Oncology Nurses Deliver Calm Along with Care to Patients with Cancer

This essay from this year’s Extraordinary Healer book looks at how oncology nurses provide all kinds of support, most importantly by providing patients with a sense of calm.

2. How Theranostics Could Impact the Future of Prostate Cancer Treatment

With current clinical trial results creating “a lot of excitement” in the field of theranostics, we spoke with Dr. Phillip J. Koo about how Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of this treatment method could offer a potentially curative option for patients with prostate cancer.

1. Navigating the Psychosocial Effects That Can Outlast Cancer And Its Treatment

By 2040, experts predict there will be more than 26 million cancer survivors in America. Based on findings from several studies, these survivors can expect to spend large portions of their lives managing the disease’s effect on their physical and mental well-being, which we go into detail about in this piece from the Fall 2020 issue of Heal Magazine.

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